As a part of Service Industry Aviation , Hospitality and Retail Industry forms the Biggest chunk in terms of Investment, Growth and Employment Opportunity. The Govt is also formulating policies for the Growth of these sectors because these brings in the elusive foreign exchange. .


Aviation is one of the most sought after sector for the aspiring professionals because of the varied career opportunities it provides. The Industry has seen positive growth ( YOY ) year on year for the last decade as the no. of fliers are increasing day by day. This fact is been confirmed by the startup of two new Airlines very recently and other carriers consolidating their market share. It gives just the right kind of beginning to the aspiring professional as it is global in nature.


Today the term hospitality has evolved and it covers varied institutions like hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Quick Service Restaurants, Food Outlets etc. The hospitality sector has witnessed a robust growth with the clients requirement for good service, cost notwithstanding. Hospitality sector also provides a huge growth prospect for the aspiring professionals of tomorrow as the opportunities are unlimited. To add on to the ever growing sector now it has presence in most of International Airports catering to the need of International and Domestic passengers.


Indian Retail Industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The govt has also identified retail as the industry which will boost indian economy for time to come. Apart from pvt Colleges the govt has taken major steps in developing skills in aspiring professionals through NSDC and RASCI to bridge the gap between demand and supply of learned professional in retail sector. Apart from the Domestic Companies many international retail giants are setting up their base in India which ranges from basic to luxury Retail.


We provide consultancy to various brands under the above mentioned verticals. We do the pre-screening and segregate the candidate as per the requirements of the corporate and as per the qualification of the candidate. In case we found that student is lacking a basic skill we conduct a fast track training to sensitize student about the basic skill needed and required.

We have placed deserving candidates/students from various colleges/ private institutes from all across India in various companies. We at Flyzone believe in giving seamless placements which augurs well for the college/institute.


• Make the aspiring professionals more employable & Industry ready.
• Provide valuable insights into modern day corporate environment for the students.
• Enable them to excel in their future customer – partner facing roles.
• Enabling them with deeper functional knowledge.
• Sensitize students with necessary skills to acclimatize faster in the corporate environment.
• Compliment student's academic knowledge with actual demands of the modern day corporate.
• Give rich insights into cross functional collaboration to achieve success in every corporate role.
• Higher visibility with the modern day corporate, through our Training Programmes .
• We are building a pool of aspiring professionals, who will be “better” ready for the service industry.
• Our panel is helping us coach/mentor these aspiring professionals.

About Flyzone Aviation

Flyzone Academy is a service industry centre of excellence where the development of careers, recruitment and training opportunities for Cabin Crew, ground staff, front office executive, front office manager,fashion consultants,store managers, asst store managers & customer care executives is the primary objective. Through our academy we promote service industry job opportunities, and provide help and advice on developing careers. Our training and recruitment team have all worked for major brands and are always more than happy to share their experience and advice with all our Academy members.


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